Coffee table brand book for Skagen. I designed the page layout, the typographic layout and the paper cut map illustration for the book. I completed the project while working for UXUS design now UXUS/FutureBrand in Amsterdam. 

Skagen is a brand that celebrates Denmark and the seaside village of Skagen, where the North and Baltic Sea meet. Quality and a sense of purpose are hallmarks of modern Danish design. 

My design was inspired by this Danish design perspective with its contemporary innovation and simple pleasures and my research into the village of Skagan which is know for its endless horizons at the meeting point of the North and Baltic Sea. 

The final design centres around the idea of the horizon where the sea meets the sky, this simple but effective idea is the centre piece of the layout design. The horizon is broken in parts throughout the book with typography, imagery and illustration. The result creates a layout that works and gives the book cohesion while also offering the ability to create dynamic spreads. This was particularly useful as the book covered a broad range of topics form Danish poets and designers to lighthouse locations, Danish traditional recipes and a section of the book dedicated to Local Hero’s from Skagen village.